Child Development Center
Mission Statement To care for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of all children as unto the Lord; and to provide a safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment for each individual child.

Commitment As the director of the Child Development Center, I want you to feel free to voice your concerns to me so that we can work towards a positive resolution. If I am unable to meet with you immediately when you call me, we will set a time as soon as possible that is conducive to both of us.

Spiritual development will be the foundation of our education process. (Proverbs 22:16) God’s Word is the absolute authority on training a child. Bible memory verses, Bible stories and character lessons will be presented daily. The children will also learn productively through play.

We are delighted you have chosen CDC to assist in the godly education of your child.

CDC Director

For more information: Contact Eva Braun, Director of Child Development Center @ 843-365-1435 or email


Director: Eva Braun

Assistant Director: Alicia Stroud

Cook: Christie Johnson

Pre-Kindergarten: Deborah Hickman

Three Year: Kashia Stewart

Older Twos: Hailie Richardson

Younger Twos: Carrie Carter

Older Ones: Donna Strickland

Younger Ones: Sarah Pennington

Infants: Jamie Joyner & Carmen Boyd

Bible: Janice Cooper

After School: Brandi Tummond

Assistants: Jenna-Grace Singleton, Jackie Beverly, Jillian Hucks, Samantha Collins, & Terri-Sue Spencer


2016-2017 CDC Family Guidelines

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