Drive-In Church

Sunday, May 24th, 9:30am Drive-In service notes

Itinerary for May 24, 2020


Standing On The Promises

Verse 1

Standing on the promises of Christ my King

Through eternal ages let His praises ring

Glory in the highest I will shout and sing

Standing on the promises of God


Standing standing

Standing on the promises of God my Savior

Standing standing

I’m standing on the promises of God

Verse 2

Standing on the promises that cannot fail

When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail

By the living Word of God I shall prevail

Standing on the promises of God


Verse 5

Standing on the promises I cannot fall

List’ning ev’ry moment to the Spirit’s call

Resting in my Savior as my All in All

Standing on the promises of God


CCLI Song # 31803 Russell Kelso Carter © Words: Public Domain Music: Public Domain


John 2:13-22 (KJV)

13 And the Jews’ passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:

15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;

16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.

17 And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.

18 Then answered the Jews and said unto him, What sign shewest thou unto us, seeing that thou doest these things?

19 Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

20 Then said the Jews, Forty and six years was this temple in building, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?

21 But he spake of the temple of his body.

22 When therefore he was risen from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this unto them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said.


My Country ‘Tis Of Thee

Verse 1

My country ’tis of thee

Sweet land of liberty

Of thee I sing

Land where my fathers died

Land of the pilgrims’ pride

From every mountain side

Let freedom ring

Verse 3

Let music swell the breeze

And ring from all the trees

Sweet freedom’s song

Let mortal tongues awake

Let all that breathe partake

Let rocks their silence break

The sound prolong

Verse 4

Our fathers’ God to Thee

Author of liberty

To Thee we sing

Long may our land be bright

With freedom’s holy light

Protect us by Thy might

Great God our King

CCLI Song # 46582 Henry Carey | Samuel Francis Smith © Words: Public Domain Music: Public Domain



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